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Tips for finding a job in the U.S. as an immigrant

Tips for finding a job in the U.S. as an immigrant

Immigration is a topic full of debate in the political world. But despite the arguments surrounding the issue, in most cases, immigrants just want better lives for themselves and their families. If you are an immigrant looking for a job in the United States, you may feel fearful and uncertain.

Thankfully, there are opportunities for you here. It is often possible to get a work visa and start building a stable life in America. Here are some tips for finding work as an immigrant.

Understand your visa options

If you want to work in the U.S. legally, you will need to get official permission by obtaining a work visa. A variety of visas exist for different purposes. Here are some of the most popular visa programs and the people who may qualify for them:

  • L-1 visa: immigrant managers, executives and business owners who want to temporarily switch to a U.S. business
  • H-1B visa permit: workers from other countries who have specialty occupations or possess unique skills and education
  • H-2B visa permit: people seeking temporary positions in truck driving, hospitality and tourism
  • E2 and E1 visa permit: foreign traders and investors
  • EB-1 Green Card: immigrants with extraordinary skills in business, the arts, athletics, education or sciences
  • EB-2 Green Card Permit: immigrants who have earned advanced degrees and have special abilities, including physicians

These are just some visa and green card options. An immigration attorney will be able to help you determine the best visa for your immigration situation.

Identify employers

Not everyone will want to or knows how to hire an immigrant. As you search for work, keep an eye out for companies who have hired immigrants before or are in desperate need of employees. This will improve your chances of finding a position. According to a CareerBuilder survey, the following industries are hiring the most immigrants:

  • Information technology
  • Professional and business services
  • Financial services
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Healthcare

Finding a job as an immigrant may take some time and hard work, but it may be possible.

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