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Assistance With Applying For Marriage And Fiancé Visas

If you are married or engaged to an individual who is not a U.S. citizen, they may qualify to obtain resident status without leaving the U.S. The most common requirement is that the foreign individual entered the U.S. legally. However, there are exceptions, for example when a foreign individual had a relative or business submit a immigrant petition for them, a parent, or spouse before April 30, 2001. Our attorneys are very familiar with all the exceptions so that whenever possible our clients can obtain resident status without leaving the U.S.

If you are married or engaged to an individual who is not a U.S. citizen, they may qualify to obtain an immigrant visa through marriage or fiancé visa. With help from an experienced immigration lawyer, you can explore this option to reunite with your partner or to keep them in the United States.

Since 1949, the Law Office of Tasoff and Tasoff has helped hundreds of clients to obtain visas to live and work in this country. This includes successful applications for fiancé visas, marriage visas, and resident status through marriage without the need to leave the United States to obtain a visa. Our firm assists clients nationwide from our location in Woodland Hills, California, skillfully handling all aspects of your case from beginning to end.

Requirements For Spouses And Fiancés

An immigrant visa through marriage is available to a foreign individual who is married to a U.S. citizen or U.S. resident. Same-sex marriages are now recognized by U.S. immigration law. If the foreign individual is in the U.S. without government authorization, or for other reasons cannot apply for resident status in the U.S. a waiver is often required before the foreign individual can proceed to apply for the immigrant visa. Our attorneys and staff our very successful in assisting our clients with the waiver application and process.

To qualify for a K-3 spouse visa, the applicant must be a legally wedded husband or wife. Same-sex marriages are now recognized by U.S. immigration law. The sponsoring spouse also must maintain a primary residence in the United States, and plan to continue living there in the near future.

K-1 nonimmigrant fiancé visas allow the applicant to travel to the United States and marry their fiancé. The marriage must take place within 90 days of arrival, and then an application must be filed with immigration services to obtain more permanent residence. Both the U.S. citizen and the visa applicant must be legally free to marry at the time the petition is filed and the marriage must be legal in the couple's future residing state. Typically, the couple must also have met in person within two years.

Children of visa applicants may be eligible to receive K-2 visas.

Guiding You Through The Application Process

Our attorneys are ready to handle your case with professionalism, courtesy and respect. We understand the emotions and complexity involved with spouse and fiancé visa cases, and will be there to address your concerns at every step. Our goal is to reach a resolution to your legal matter as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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