Services For Law Firms

From time to time, your clients have immigration-related issues, and need experienced and knowledgeable attorneys with the expertise to handle their immigration matters. You want the assurance that you can collaborate with reputable immigration lawyers who will not compete for other business of your clients.

Let Tasoff and Tasoff be your "in-house" immigration counsel.

We collaborate with individual attorneys, law firms and other professional services firms to provide immigration and citizenship advice to their corporate, institutional and individual clients. Tasoff and asoff focuses solely on immigration law, and provides only immigration legal service to your clients. We have the flexibility to structure a working relationship that is convenient for you, whether working directly with your clients, as a co-counsel, or as behind-the-scenes advisors to your firm.

Our attorneys are immigration and nationality law specialists certified by the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California and have experience as expert witness in criminal and civil cases.