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Why foreign business owners need a U.S. immigration attorney

Why foreign business owners need a U.S. immigration attorney

American immigration politics often seem to center on the effects on citizens, refugees and everyday immigrants. However, another group with interest in the law is foreign business owners. 

If you own an international corporation that does business and has locations in the U.S., then you are just as much at the mercy of the law as anyone else. You will need the assistance of a U.S. immigration attorney for the following areas.


To find the best employees for your global business, you may need to look beyond the borders of your own country. You may need these professionals to work outside their native lands, as well. If you want to bring foreign experts in the industry to your U.S. locations, you will need the experience of an American immigration attorney to get them here properly.


Opening a new location may require the assistance of corporate leaders from your country to travel here to establish the office and train management. They will need the right work visa to enter without difficulty. The type of visa depends on the industry your business is in and how long the employees must stay here. If the move is long-term or permanent, then resident status or citizenship may be necessary.


Your business leaders must remain up to date on industry news and changes, or other companies may ask your higher-ups to share their knowledge. This continuing education often takes place through conferences, conventions, consultations and other meetings. Citizens of specific countries may be able to come and stay without a visa for no more than 90 days under the Visa Waiver Program. An attorney can determine if your employees qualify.


Do you want to grow your company through expansion, mergers or acquisitions? Such growth undoubtedly affects your immigration needs. With U.S. immigration law constantly changing along with the changes in leadership, you can benefit from the services of a U.S. immigration attorney. 

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