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Many immigrants in California are becoming increasingly nervous about their status in the USA. California has a reputation as a haven for new Americans, but it reasonable to assume, based on current events, that the United States federal government does not share the position of acceptance. This federal attitude is illustrated by a number of high-profile actions by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

The Washington Post reports that ICE took action against several immigrations advocates across the country. Watchdog groups made allegations that ICE targeted these individuals for detention and deportation because of public statements and opinions about immigration policy in the USA. The agency states in its rebuttal that it does not target people based on political opinions. However, at least one of the individuals involved in this string of incidents has no criminal record, leaving questions as to the motive for investigation.

The New York Daily News wrote of the effect ICE had on the family of an immigrant. Officers from the agency came to the home of a Polish doctor— brought to the United States as a child— to detain him in the middle of January. The action in this case nominally stemmed from two teenage misdemeanors committed by the doctor, now a father and a husband. He has been living in the USA since he was five years old and is unable to speak Polish, yet he may face deportation to Poland. 

Regardless of whether one does or does not have a criminal record, these news items tend to be disturbing. Only through passionate advocacy and defense of human rights is there hope for the future of US immigration law and policy.

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