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What to do if ICE comes for you

As an immigrant in the current political turmoil, you may constantly be in fear for your future. You do not want authorities to take you away from your loved ones, but neither do you want to risk breaking the law and making your case worse by not cooperating.

Keeping a family together

Many immigrants in California are becoming increasingly nervous about their status in the USA. California has a reputation as a haven for new Americans, but it reasonable to assume, based on current events, that the United States federal government does not share the position of acceptance. This federal attitude is illustrated by a number of high-profile actions by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

Health standards for U. S. permanent residency

There are a number of conditions that people seeking permanency residency in the United States must meet in order to qualify. One of them, according to the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act, is to meet certain health requirements. Without being cleared medically, a person cannot become a permanent resident of California or any other state.

Which permanent resident's family members may come to the USA?

While many California immigrants come to the States with the intention of starting a future for a new family, you might also be concerned with your ability to reunite your family on American soil. The good news is that, as a permanent resident, you are eligible to petition for certain members of your family to come to the USA.

Community support credited in staying immigrant's deportation

Many of those viewing immigration cases in Encino from an outside perspective may think that the principles governing them are fairly black-and-white. After all, one is either here legally, or he or she is not. Yet that may rarely be the case. Oftentimes, people who took the appropriate steps to enter the United States legally may later have their motives questioned. The problem in pursuing such cases is that while the parties involved are awaiting a resolution, years may pass, during which time the immigrants may establish family and community ties that are not easily severed. Introducing such a human element into an immigration case may make ruling fairly on it even more difficult. 


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