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Community support credited in staying immigrant's deportation

Many of those viewing immigration cases in Encino from an outside perspective may think that the principles governing them are fairly black-and-white. After all, one is either here legally, or he or she is not. Yet that may rarely be the case. Oftentimes, people who took the appropriate steps to enter the United States legally may later have their motives questioned. The problem in pursuing such cases is that while the parties involved are awaiting a resolution, years may pass, during which time the immigrants may establish family and community ties that are not easily severed. Introducing such a human element into an immigration case may make ruling fairly on it even more difficult. 

A congressman from Ohio familiar with the plight of a local immigrant is citing that human element as a reason behind the stay in deportation that the man was recently granted. A groundswell of community support arose to back the notion that the man deserves to have his say as to why he should remain in the country. His residency status came into question when immigration authorities questioned the validity of the marriage to a U.S. citizen that allowed him to earn his first green card (the marriage lasted three years). Those questions prompted the denial of his second green card application back in the 1990s. The man, however, claims that he has evidence that will show that the marriage was in fact real, yet he has yet to have an opportunity to present that. 

While there certainly may be immigration cases that warrant deportation, there may also be countless others where such action would be harmful to all of those involved. Those looking to stop such action may be wise to enlist the services of an immigration attorney in doing so. 

Source: WOSU "Youngstown Businessman Granted Reprieve From Deportation" Rudell, Tim, Jan. 05, 2018

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