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3 tips for passing your marriage visa interview

Before you can get lawful permanent residence in the U.S. through marriage, you will need to attend an interview with officials from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. If you are not ready for your interview and make mistakes, you may be denied entry into the country.

The process of obtaining a marriage visa from USCIS can be intimidating and stressful. So how can you prepare for your marriage green card interview? Below are some tips for passing your visa interview. 

1. Review your application

Your interview will largely depend on the contents of your application. Look at all your documents to ensure you understand everything. Pay special attention to the Affidavit of Support, which is a form your sponsor fills out to prove you have financial support and will not need welfare from the U.S. government. You do not want to make any claims that are contrary to what your sponsor says. 

2. Be ready for personal questions

Green card applications because of marriage receive a significant amount of scrutiny. The immigration officer who interviews you will ask for proof that your marriage is valid, such as:

  • Letters, emails or text messages
  • Photos of your shared life, including wedding photos
  • Home leases or rent payments
  • Joint credit card statements
  • Utility bills
  • Cellphone plan payments

The officer will also likely ask about how you met, what your first date was like and how you two go about your daily lives. There is no exact list of questions, so be ready to answer almost anything about your relationship. 

3. Remain polite and calm

The process may feel like an interrogation at certain points, but do not argue with the immigration officer. Instead, if there are any errors, point them out calmly. Be businesslike and courteous throughout the interview–the officer will appreciate it. 

An immigration attorney can help you prepare for your interview and even accompany you to protect your rights and explain any misunderstandings.  

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