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September 2017 Archives

New US travel ban announced on Sunday, applies to 8 countries

The Trump Administration announced a new travel ban on Sunday, just as parts of the previous version were set to expire. Sudan has been removed from the list of affected countries, while three new countries have been added. The new list of countries is: Syria, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Chad, Venezuela and North Korea. The new ban is will be in place permanently unless it is overturned by the courts or reversed by President Trump or a future president.

National Venture Capital Ass'n sues Trump over entrepreneur rule

The National Venture Capital Association and several tech startups filed suit against the Trump administration this week, claiming that its end to the international entrepreneur rule was handled improperly. The rule, which was created under the Obama administration, was meant to allow international entrepreneurs who were not themselves investors to remain in the United States while they built their businesses. It was set to go into effect this July.

Interviews no longer to be waived for workers seeking green cards

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services recently announced a change in the adjustment of status process. If you have been working in the United States and are applying to adjust your status to lawful permanent resident status, you will now go through an in-person interview. Unfortunately, this is likely to cause delays in the process.

What criteria must you meet for a second-preference EB-2 visa?

If you are looking to move to the United States for professional reasons, you may be exploring your options and trying to determine what type of visa might fit your needs. As important as deciding what type of visa might fit your needs is determining whether you are likely to meet the criteria for that visa, and one type of employment-based visa commonly sought by professionals like you is the second-preference EB-2 visa.

DACA won't disappear right away, but loss would be devastating

There are approximately 800,000 people in the U.S. who are protected from deportation and authorized to work under DACA, of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The program was initiated in 2012 by the Obama administration in order to protect innocent people who are only unauthorized in the U.S. because they were brought here as children.

USCIS delaying H-1B applications for low-wage computer programmers

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has been challenging H-1B applications for some computer programmers and related professionals whose employers set their official wage level at 1. The agency appears concerned that some H-1B applicants are filling positions that don't require a bachelor's degree as the H-1B program requires.


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