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July 2017 Archives

DOJ takes steps to cut off federal funds for sanctuary cities

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has carried through on his threat to deny federal funding to areas that refuse to cooperate with immigration enforcement -- at least, to the extent he can. He announced recently that he will deny sanctuary cities some $385 million in grants that are contingent upon cooperation with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. To keep the money, the cities would have to agree hold immigrants in jail longer than strictly necessary in order to allow ICE to consider them for deportation.

Oakland goes farther than sanctuary city, cuts all ties with ICE

The Oakland City Council has gone quite a bit further than setting itself up as a "sanctuary city" and passed a resolution cutting all ties between its police and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Our northern neighbor says that even minimal cooperation between city law enforcement and ICE has become detrimental to public safety. Oakland has been a sanctuary city since 1986.

Trump ends international entrepreneur rule, tech sector jolted

The tech industry took a blow this week as the Trump Administration shelved a highly anticipated rule that would have allowed entrepreneurs from abroad to start their companies in the U.S. without having to provide substantial capital from their own pockets. Instead, they would be allowed to work on their startups in the U.S. for a limited period if they could prove they had a certain amount in investment capital from other sources.

3 common visa needs for universities

One of the best traits of universities in California is the wide range of diversity they contain. You can find students and professors of all races, religions and nationalities. This diversity in all areas of these institutions of higher learning provides even more opportunities for learning and strengthening global ties.

100 new citizens sworn in at Mt. Vernon, mixed feelings evident

The swearing in of naturalized citizens is a celebration when it occurs on the Fourth of July. This year, 100 new citizens were sworn in on the lawn of Mount Vernon, George Washington's historic home in Virginia. The full diversity of America was in evidence that day, as were mixed feelings about the Trump Administration and its immigration policies.


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