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3 common visa needs for universities

One of the best traits of universities in California is the wide range of diversity they contain. You can find students and professors of all races, religions and nationalities. This diversity in all areas of these institutions of higher learning provides even more opportunities for learning and strengthening global ties.

To achieve this diversity, your university must handle several kinds of visas. These are only three of the many you may need.

1. Students

Accepting students from foreign countries entails more than just the students obtaining visas to study in the U.S. The university must also have authorization to accept foreign students. In addition, you will need visas for students who are U.S. citizens and want to participate in a study abroad or cultural exchange program.

2. Professionals

The best kind of learning occurs when there is a global exchange of ideas. You can only learn so much from your own corner of the world. In order to expand education and raise the reputation of your school, you may need to bring in teachers, researchers, specialists and other professionals from around the world to share their knowledge and training with your faculty and students. You may also send your own experts to other countries to gain further experience. Their occupations will determine which type of visa they each need to acquire.

3. Performers

Do you have a cultural group that would like to host events or training programs involving foreign artists? Or do you have a performing group that would like to go on tour in other countries? Both of these also require the handling of visas. They apply under the P category of temporary work visas. The same is relevant for athletes and entertainers.

Having a diverse population at your university brings numerous benefits to everyone. Do not hesitate to interact with the rest of the world due to complex government regulations. With an attorney's help, you can manage all your institution's visa needs.

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