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President signs a new executive order regarding travel ban

On Monday March 9th, President Donald Trump, signed a new executive order on immigration, which would clearly limit the ability to hire immigrants from certain parts of the world to travel to and from the United States. This controversial order limits the rights of immigrants to come into the country, and it focuses on six countries, mostly of Muslim religion.

The six countries are Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, and Libya. These countries are subject to a 90-day travel ban, and residents are not allowed to enter the United States during this time. Previously, Iraq was also on the list, but it was recently removed as information from the Iraqi government became available to the United States government. 

The order goes into effect on March 16. This order, which is a revised order, is looking to keep the number of refugees in these six countries to a minimum. It will only allow 50,000 people seeking asylum from these six countries in 2017. It has lifted the ban on Syrian refugees, however, so refugees from Syria are now allowed to enter the United States.

There were many challenges from the courts that put the initial travel ban on hold for a while. After repeated delays, the final order looks to be set for now. The administration continues to deny that the ban is a Muslim ban, though this has seemed the case to many who have protested the ban from the beginning. The end result of the ban could mean that many families will see loved ones forced to leave the country.

While Trump called for "Muslim bans" throughout his campaign, the new bill and ban are somewhat more moderate, thanks to the influence of the courts. Many groups have stated that they will continue to fight the ban in court, and several cases have already been initiated against the order.

Because of this order, and other changes to U.S. immigration policies, if you have any questions concerning immigration law, you should speak to an experienced attorney as soon as possible. You do not want to find yourself removed from the country for reasons that could have been easily addressed by your lawyer. 

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