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Federal appeals court blocks efforts to reinstate travel ban

Just a couple weeks ago, we wrote a blog post about executive orders signed by President Trump that temporarily banned immigrants from seven countries, as well as refugees, from entering the United States.

Over the next week or so, that ban was challenged, restraining orders were issued to halt the order, and appeals against the restraining orders were filed. Ultimately, a federal appeals court requested that both sides -- those who challenged the ban and those who supported it -- prepare their case and present it in court. After hearing both sides, the appeals court sided with critics of the ban and ruled that the freeze on the ban will remain

The decision affects immigrants and their families in Los Angeles and all across the country. It means that refugees and immigrants coming to the U.S. from countries like Iran, Iraq and Syria will not be barred from entry. Previously, these people were being detained at airports, even if they had green cards or were legal permanent residents.

However, President Trump lashed out at the judges who made the ruling, promising in a tweet that he would continue to pursue the ban in court.

Whether that happens or not, the chaos that has ensued since the original executive order was signed is a frightening and unfortunate reminder that the permissions and futures of immigrants in the U.S. could change at any moment. Considering the messages and efforts already made by the current administration that are clearly in favor of tightening up restrictions, this is almost certainly not the last time a situation like this will occur.

While the ban has been lifted, at least for the time being, it is critical for visa holders, refugees, lawful permanent residents and families of immigrants to know their legal options and the rights their status ensures, should a similar situation unfold. Being prepared and informed can be the best way to protect yourself, your family and your rights.

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