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Couples face separation as a result of travel ban

Falling in love with someone and starting to build a life together is supposed to be a time of excitement and happiness. Unfortunately, couples in California and all across the U.S. are learning that this is not exactly the case if one person is from one of the seven countries from which President Trump is trying to ban immigrants.

Whether you are married or engaged to someone who is from a country like Syria or Iran, you are undoubtedly aware that his or her visa is not necessarily a guarantee that his or her status in this country is protected. Even though the ban has been frozen, as we discussed in our last post, that suspension might only be temporary. In the meantime, people are making some very difficult decisions to protect themselves and their families.

A few of these families were examined in this recent article in The New York Times. They discussed having to do things like get married without extended family members present, live apart in light of being denied re-entry into the U.S. and changing travel plans to avoid being stranded outside the country. Some people are even considering relocating to a different country altogether where they won't be subjected to such unfavorable treatment.

The immigration system has never been something people would call "easy", but until recently, people at least had confidence in the protections granted by a visa.

Today, that confidence has been greatly shaken, which has left countless families living in fear of deportation and separation. There are also fears surrounding the "additional vetting" that has been promised by the Trump administration.

This environment can put incredible strain on relationships that already involve long-distance commitments, legal challenges and compliance with complex visa requirements. Rather than try to navigate this system alone, or sit and wait to find out what will happen to your partner or a visa, you can discuss your situation with an immigration law attorney who can help you take whatever steps possible to protect your family.

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