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Another executive order would place burden on immigrant families

In an effort to bring your family together and give your loved one a brighter future, you may be sponsoring that person for entry into the United States. Family sponsorship is one of the most common ways an immigrant can secure a visa.

However, that could all change if President Trump signs another executive order that would significantly affect immigrants and their families. The order is proving to be another controversial measure to put in place additional immigration restrictions, and it appears to be based on some questionable data.

According to reports, the draft (which was leaked to news outlets) would place the financial burden of a sponsored immigrant on the family members who sponsored that person. 

This means that if an immigrant falls into debt, loses his or her job and/or is unable to financially support himself or herself, family members would be expected to cover all of that person's expenses. This would make it risky for family members in the U.S. to sponsor someone unless they are wealthy enough to support that person.

The order evidently comes in response to information suggesting that immigrants are a drain on government assistance like welfare benefits. However, that information has been fiercely contested by parties arguing that immigrants contribute far more to the U.S. economy than they collect in government benefits. Further, there are already measures in place that restrict non-citizens from collecting certain types of public assistance.

If this executive order is signed, it would have considerable consequences for families and immigrants across Miami. As we already mentioned, only wealthy families may be able and willing to take the risk of sponsoring an immigrant. Additionally, families could be torn apart and left in financial despair. It could also lead to non-citizens seeking out less-than-legitimate ways of making money to avoid placing any strain on their families.

We will certainly stay on top of any developments regarding this order and the impact it and other executive orders will have on people across Florida.

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