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ICE adding new private jails for massive immigration crackdown?

Over the past few weeks, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement posted notices on a federal contracting website seeking privately run jails to house some 4,000 immigration detainees. It sought bids for facilities in Chicago, Detroit, St. Paul, Salt Lake City and southern Texas, according to USA TODAY.

Sanctuary cities, California sue over Trump grant-defunding order

The fight over whether local officials can refuse to enforce federal immigration law is heating up. At least seven cities and counties plus the State of California have filed suit against the Trump administration, citing constitutional concerns over his anti-sanctuary order.

DOJ takes steps to cut off federal funds for sanctuary cities

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has carried through on his threat to deny federal funding to areas that refuse to cooperate with immigration enforcement -- at least, to the extent he can. He announced recently that he will deny sanctuary cities some $385 million in grants that are contingent upon cooperation with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. To keep the money, the cities would have to agree hold immigrants in jail longer than strictly necessary in order to allow ICE to consider them for deportation.

Oakland goes farther than sanctuary city, cuts all ties with ICE

The Oakland City Council has gone quite a bit further than setting itself up as a "sanctuary city" and passed a resolution cutting all ties between its police and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Our northern neighbor says that even minimal cooperation between city law enforcement and ICE has become detrimental to public safety. Oakland has been a sanctuary city since 1986.

Sessions issues memo overruling part of Trump's sanctuary order

It appears that the Trump Administration is attempting to find a fix for its unconstitutional sanctuary cities order. The Administration also seems to have acknowledged that last month's federal court ruling that the order had no power to overrule Congress was not, after all, an "egregious overreach."

LAPD: Trump effect is causing fewer 911 calls from Hispanic areas

There have been "shifts in Hispanic relationships with the police department" since President Trump took office, according to Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, and he has some hard data to back that up.

Sanctuary city funding ruling was not 'egregious overreach'

On Tuesday, a federal judge in Northern California blocked the Trump Administration's executive order threatening to withhold all federal funding from so-called "sanctuary" cities and counties and the State of California. His reasoning had nothing to do with whether the policy was sound.

What are California's new pro-immigrant bills meant to do? Part 2

In our last post, we discussed the three pro-immigrant bills that were recently passed by the California Senate. This week, we'll get into more detail about SB 54, the so-called "sanctuary bill."

What are California's new pro-immigrant bills meant to do? Part 1

Nearly a quarter of all unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. live in California, along with innumerable immigrants here to visit, work temporarily, or become green card holders or citizens. The State Senate has just passed a suite of three bills protective of immigrants, including a so-called "sanctuary" bill that would prevent California law enforcement from acting as federal immigration enforcement personnel. What are the three bills that were passed and what are they attended to accomplish?


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