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Tips for finding a job in the U.S. as an immigrant

Immigration is a topic full of debate in the political world. But despite the arguments surrounding the issue, in most cases, immigrants just want better lives for themselves and their families. If you are an immigrant looking for a job in the United States, you may feel fearful and uncertain.

Trump threatens to take federal immigration officials out of CA

It may come as no surprise that President Donald Trump has made recent comments about immigration that are making Californians uneasy. Trump has said he is considering removing Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers from California. This threat is in response to the Golden State declaring itself a sanctuary state.

What to do if ICE comes for you

As an immigrant in the current political turmoil, you may constantly be in fear for your future. You do not want authorities to take you away from your loved ones, but neither do you want to risk breaking the law and making your case worse by not cooperating.


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