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Sessions issues memo overruling part of Trump's sanctuary order

It appears that the Trump Administration is attempting to find a fix for its unconstitutional sanctuary cities order. The Administration also seems to have acknowledged that last month's federal court ruling that the order had no power to overrule Congress was not, after all, an "egregious overreach."

9th Circuit grills Trump lawyers over allegedly racist travel ban

"Why shouldn't we be deferential to what the president says?" Ninth Circuit Judge Michael Daly Hawkins asked the groups challenging President Trump's executive order banning entry from six majority-Muslim countries.

There's no US visa for startup entrepreneurs, but there's a workaround

Paulo M. graduated from MIT with a doctoral degree in 2014. Shortly afterward, he founded a startup company that helps streamline communication at life science and pharmaceutical companies. Paulo's company may take off or it may not, like any new startup. The chances are good for an MIT grad, though -- even if he is not an American citizen.

LAPD: Trump effect is causing fewer 911 calls from Hispanic areas

There have been "shifts in Hispanic relationships with the police department" since President Trump took office, according to Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, and he has some hard data to back that up.

Why universities need an attorney's help with visa applications

As higher learning increases in price and competition, you need to do all you can to draw superior students to your institution. One of the ways to do this is by bringing in the top scholars, researchers and educators in the field.


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